How it started

When I started laying the foundation for Tier Level Digital Marketing, I attended a new conference called Thrive: Make Money Matter in Las Vegas. The conference really opened my eyes to two different ways of doing business: “for profit” or “for purpose." Was I starting a business to simply earn money, or was I starting a business to do, as the tag line in the conference said, “make money matter?”

 This year Tier Level is three years old and we have been looking for a way we can make an impact in other people’s lives, by offering a “hand-up” and not just another “hand-out.”

We have a small team that works remotely out of Nicaragua and is an amazing addition to our organization. If you are not aware, Nicaragua has recently experienced a lot of political tension with many recent violent and even deadly protests taking place throughout the country. Currently, Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Americas and opportunities for work and business are increasingly becoming more difficult to find.

Recently, our team members in the country told us the story of 14 children they were trying to raise money for to provide uniforms and transportation to school. We learned that the church that committed to provide the funds pulled out at the last minute. This put our team in a precarious situation. School is ready to start, the order for the uniforms and shoes has already been made, and now there were no funds to help.

When we heard this our leadership team unanimously decided that we would cover all costs and fees to help these 14 children for the year. We also learned that the opportunity does not stop here and that there are hundreds of other children that we might be able to help in the future. Although we are still looking into the process and the best way to help more, we are going to start here, working to impact these 14 lives and their families.

As we look forward we do not know how things will take shape, are we going to start something that meets this need or partner with someone already making this impact? We don’t know. But what we do know is that we are making an impact here, right now for these kids. A hand-up they need for a better life.
Sean Michael Lewis
CEO/Founder of Tier Level
If you would like to learn more about working with these kids and even consider helping out with this new project I would love to talk to you one on one.

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